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Flower delivery to Germany

International delivery of fresh flowers within 24-48 hours, designed and created by our local, expert artisan florists based in Germany. Flower delivery to Germany and the rest of the world.
If your friends or family live in Germany why not surprise them today with a gorgeous gift of flowers with a stunning floral delivery from Universal Flower, the specialists in international flower delivery since 1997.
Choose from a wide range of beautiful fresh flowers and potted plants delivered to Germany for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals or any other occasion in just 24-48 hours from you placing your order.
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Bouquet 'Cancer'
Bouquet 'Cancer'
Find our zodiac bouquets!

Discover our collection imagined from the 12 signs of the zodiac in partnership with astrologer Shana Lyès. We combined his knowledge of astrology and the know-how of our florists to create unique bouquets every month.

This month discover our bouquet inspired by cancer.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, it embodies sunny days by the sea. beach. Archetype of fertility, abundance and childhood, its energy echoes the nostalgia and sensitivity. Sweet representative of the summer solstice and holidays, its Childish temperament is influenced by the long days and short nights of summer.
As a Cancer native, you have inherited his empathy, his sensitivity and his intuition. Delicate, always listening to others and bringing your wisdom to whoever wants hearing it, your natural goodness inspires those around you. Your dream ? Be surrounded by a large, fulfilled and happy family, sharing beautiful moments friendly around the table and cultivate memories. We can sometimes find you too sensitive and touchy, but that’s because you feel everything more intensely. Just be sure to express what's on your heart and not keep it all to yourself. you

It is on the basis of this aquatic sensitivity that the artisan florists of Aquarelle have imagined this oceanic and voluptuous composition with different shades of blue. The blue hydrangea, a totem flower, embodies the waves of the sea and the abundance of summer, while blue clematis represents more the deep waters and powerful emotions that can pass through the human soul. White limonium and mini carnations evoke seafoam which flourishes on rocks and beaches. Finally, the bupleurum recalls the hatching of summer and new projects that may arise during the new season. A magnificent bouquet that invites you to (re)immerse yourself in the heart of your summer paradise.

From €39.00
'Gemini' bouquet
'Gemini' bouquet
Find our zodiac bouquets!

Discover our collection imagined from the 12 signs of the zodiac in partnership with astrologer Shana Lyès. We combined his knowledge of astrology and the know-how of our florists to create unique bouquets every month.

This month discover our bouquet inspired by Gemini.

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. Archetype of message, communication and sociability, its fluid and gentle energy adapts to each situation. Last representative of spring, its aerial character is influenced by the imminent arrival of summer.
As a Gemini native, you have inherited his joy of life, his ease relational and its spontaneity. Child and quite a tease, you are talkative, the radius of sunshine around you! Your temperament adapts to those around you, your personality is permeable and very receptive to ambient energies! Be careful not to Don't let yourself be influenced by their energies, stay neutral and connected to yourself.

It is on this basis of communicative joy that the artisan florists of Aquarelle have imagined this composition full of colors and softness. The white peony, flower totem, mistress of this bouquet, symbolizes the eloquence and sentimental expression of Gemini, between naivety, gratitude and compassion. Mini cream carnations are a reference sunny days that get longer as summer approaches. Lavender lisianthus represents the spiritual depth of Gemini while the two-tone freesia embodies its inner duality. The salmon santini evokes the candor of this sign. Finally, asparagus greenbell completes this spring bouquet and gives it a touch of pep like the would be the Gemini of the group! A magnificent bouquet full of cheerfulness!

NB: Peonies are fragile flowers. For maximum longevity to your recipient, the peonies will be shipped closed.
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When should I order my international floral gift for delivery to Germany?

We will deliver from Monday to Saturday, including bank holidays.

- If you require flower delivery on a Monday, please place your floral order by midday on Saturday at the very latest.

- If you require flower delivery on Tuesday to Saturday, your floral order must be placed before 4.00 p.m. at the latest on the day prior to the required flower delivery date.

Do you deliver funeral flowers to the church or funeral home directly?

You may have your funeral flower order delivered direct to the church, funeral home, or another location of your choice at the time you select

Please order your bereavement flowers for delivery at least 24 hours before the time of the ceremony to ensure on-time delivery and remember to specify the delivery time.

Don't forget to take into account that there may be a time difference between where you live and Germany when you place your flower order.

Terms of delivery in Germany

Delivery zones

We will deliver to anywhere you specify in Germany.

Delivery costs

There is a delivery charge of €15.00 to send flowers to Germany, whether you choose a bouquet or plant.

Delivery methods

Our local artisan florist in Germany will create the bouquet of flowers or select a healthy plant and personally deliver it to the recipient, or in some cases your floral gift may be delivered by a courier or delivery service, depending on the location.

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Deliver flowers everywhere in Germany with Universal Flower

Discover how easy it is to send flowers to Germany with our fast and easy international floral delivery service. Whether you want to give the gift of flowers for a special occasion or just to say hello, we’ll make sure your order arrives fresh and on time.

Make someone’s day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Carefully selected by our artisan florists based throughout Germany, each bouquet is lovingly created. Place your order from wherever you live in the world and your flowers will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

Select gorgeous blooms for any occasion from our wide range of floral gifts. Choose from roses, lilies, peonies, gerberas… to celebrate a house move to Germany, to say thank you, or just because. There’s nothing more special than the gift of flowers, especially when you live far away from your friends and family.

Show your loved ones you’re thinking of them with a specially selected floral gift delivered directly to their door. From a classic bunch of carnations to a luxurious mixed bouquet bursting with colour, we deliver flowers throughout Germany, whether your loved ones live in Bonn or a small town.

We also offer a flower delivery service for funerals in Germany and can deliver to the church or funeral home at the exact time you specify on your order.

Why choose us for your international flower delivery? All our flowers are delivered fresh thanks to florists being local. The flowers will only have a short journey to arrive at your designated delivery address and will be as fresh as the day they were picked.

We also use specially trained florists to ensure your flower delivery to Germany makes an impact. It’s sometimes hard living in a different country from your loved ones. But you can show them you care by using our worldwide order and delivery service for flower delivery in Germany that will impress.

Fast delivery of flowers and plants in Germany

Flowers for delivery in Germany within 24-48 hours. Beautiful, quality flowers delivered for any occasion.

Stunning floral bouquets and plants to make someone's day and remind them you love them, no matter how far apart you are.

Created and designed by local, artisan florists to ensure your international flower delivery arrives fresh.