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Flower delivery Greece Athens

Flower delivery to Athens - Greece

Choose the bouquet of flowers that you like within our large selection of flower combinations. We will take care of its delivering, wherever in Athens, the fastest possible.

We ship flowers in Athens in less than 24 hours and we ensure the delivered flowers are fresh and seasonal. You can be sure that the bouquet of flowers you ordered is exactly the same as the one we deliver. To make sure it is the same, we always take a picture of it and we send it to you by email.

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When to order a flower delivery to Athens

- For next day delivery from Tuesday to Friday, order before 6 pm the day before.

- For a delivery on Monday, order before 5 pm on the preceding Sunday.

Delivery options

Delivery zones

Thanks to our wide network of florists we deliver throughout Greece.

Delivery costs

Delivery to Greece is a flat rate of €15.00, whatever the destination.

Delivery methods

Your floral gift will arrive in excellent condition thanks to the care of our professional artisan florists in Greece. Being based locally ensures the flowers will arrive fresh and on time. Your international flower order will be delivered by the florist personally.

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Flower delivery to Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece, is the place where democracy, philosophy, art and culture are born. The history of flowers in Athens also dates back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, flowers had an important place in mythology, religion and daily life. The Greeks used flower crowns, called stephanos, to honor the gods during religious ceremonies and festivals. Roses, laurels and olive trees were among the most revered flowers. Athens was the heart of this rich floral culture. The Academy Garden, founded by the philosopher Plato, was famous for its beauty and botanical gardens. The gardens were filled with flowers and aromatic herbs used for both medicinal and symbolic purposes. Today, although modernity has transformed Athens into a vibrant metropolis, vestiges of this floral history can still be seen in the city's many parks and gardens. Flowers continue to be appreciated for their beauty and symbolic meaning, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of nature and culture in this historic city.

Is a baby going to arrive soon in your family? Are you going to celebrate a baptism? Is Christmas coming soon? New Year’s Eve? If you are going to celebrate these events far from your family, it would be a very food idea to send them a flower composition. Same thing if a friend has his/her birthday soon or if a colleague is retiring soon. This present will add a personal touch to the event. Our flower delivery service in Athens offers you the opportunity to show your affection, the fastest possible.

In order to show your loved ones that you love them, you have to thank them. For that, you can send flowers for national events, familiar events or corporate events. It can be for the retirement of a colleague, for end of year-events, for Mother’s Day, for a wedding or for Valentine’s Day. All these events are occasions to thank them.

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