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Flower delivery to Antwerp

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As the expert in the home delivery of fresh and seasonal flowers since 1997, Aquarelle delivers your ideal bouquet of flowers to your family and friends in Antwerp. Browse our many options of floral arrangements.

The bouquets you wish to deliver to Antwerp are both created and delivered by us to your special someone in less than 24h. To ensure that the flower arrangement you have chosen meets your expectations, we send you a picture before shipping. You are therefore sure that your loved one will be delighted by your choice.
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When to order for a flower delivery in Antwerp

- For next day delivery from Tuesday to Saturday, order before 5 pm the day before.

- For a delivery on Monday, order before 5 pm on the preceding Friday.
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Delivery options

Delivery zones

We deliver from Monday to Saturday for deliveries anywhere in Antwerp.

Delivery costs

9.80€: whatever the ordered product

Delivery methods

All deliveries are made by trusted transport partners.

A bespoke waterproof shipping vase guarantees the flowers’ freshness. This vase contains enough water and Chrysal to nourish your bouquet while it’s on its way to its destination. The bouquet and vase are protected by a recyclable cardboard box.

Have Flowers Delivered in Antwerp With Aquarelle

Thanks to Aquarelle, you can have your bouquets, gifts and a message of your choice delivered to your friends and family in Antwerp. The flowers we offer are perfect for special events such as the birthday of a family member, the birth or the christening of a new-born.

We compose your bouquets of fresh and seasonal flowers, before delivering them to Antwerp in less than 24h. For your delivery to take place the next day, you must place your order before 5pm.

In addition, we offer the possibility to add treats or decorations to your floral gift. You can choose the extra gift that matches your taste by browsing our large selection.

Throughout the year, many events follow one another, each calling for flowers. Be it a national holiday or a private event, flowers are always a good idea. They are ideal presents for a wedding, a birth, a christening, Mother's Day or to celebrate a retirement. You can choose from many different varieties, whether you are planning to surprise a family member for Christmas, or to thank your mum on Mother's Day or congratulate a friend on their new job.

We produce original floral compositions, imbued with elegance and creativity to satisfy the recipient of your delivery. The varieties we offer are diverse and colourful, giving you a wide choice when ordering. Bouquet of roses at Valentine's Day, elegant lilies, orchids and tulips are perfect for every occasion. Do not hesitate to choose from our various selection, whatever the time of the year. At Aquarelle, we are proud to fulfil your every wish of flower delivery in Antwerp.

In Antwerp, the tourist attractions are many, so much so that it was named European Capital of Culture in 1993. From the De Keyser avenue to the Grand-Place, by way of the big shopping street of Meir, lovely strolls are the best way to discover the city. Visitors wander through the cobbled streets and discover the Diamond District or stop for a moment on Queen Astrid Square. History buffs will love to discover the many museums and art galleries dotted around the city. It is within this city, rich in history, that we offer to deliver your flower arrangements to the address of your choice, as soon as possible.

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