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Flower delivery | New York City - United States

Choose the bouquet of flowers that you like within our large selection of flower combinations. We will take care of its delivering, wherever in New York City, the fastest possible.

We ship flowers in New York City in less than 24 hours and we ensure the delivered flowers are fresh and seasonal. You can be sure that the bouquet of flowers you ordered is exactly the same as the one we deliver. To make sure it is the same, we always take a picture of it and we send it to you by email.

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Information for flower delivery in New York City :

Yes, we deliver flowers from Monday-Saturday, including bank holidays.

You must place your order for delivery on Monday by midday on Saturday for on-time delivery of flowers.

Tuesday-Saturday flower delivery requires the order to be placed by 4.00 p.m. the previous day.

Can you deliver funeral flowers to New York City ?

We can deliver condolence flowers to the location of your choice. Simply indicate the address and time you wish the flowers to be delivered and we'll take care of the rest.

Don´t forget there may be a time difference between where you live and New York City when you place your flower order.

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Delivery zones

Our vast network of professional florists can deliver throughout United States.

Delivery costs

Delivery to United States costs €15.00, whether you order a bouquet of flowers or a plant.

Delivery methods

We offer a local delivery service specially carried out by our expert florists in United States. They will deliver your bouquet or plant to the recipient personally to ensure it arrives in the best possible condition.

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Flower delivery to New York City

New York City is a bustling metropolis located in the northeastern United States. This city embodies energy, cultural diversity, and innovation. The history of flowers in New York City is just as fascinating as the city itself. In the heart of this metropolis, we can trace the influence of flowers since colonial times. The first European settlers who settled brought with them a love of gardens and flowers. Botanical gardens were a status symbol, and tulips, in particular, were considered a passion among the Dutch who founded the colony of New Amsterdam, later renamed New York City. Over the centuries, the city has grown and transformed, but its love for flowers has never faded. The city's iconic parks, such as Central Park, are green havens amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Roses, peonies, and magnolias bloom there every spring. Growing flowers in New York City is also linked to the city's diversity. Many ethnic communities bring their own floral traditions. Chinatown celebrates Chinese New Year with dragon parades adorned with magnificent lotus flowers, symbols of purity and beauty. Street markets in the Little Italy neighborhood are filled with lilies and roses, nodding to the community's Italian roots. Walking through the streets of this fascinating metropolis, one can smell the scent of flowers and appreciate their beauty in the most unexpected places. Bouquets of fresh flowers in neighborhood markets, gardens, and annual floral festivals remind New Yorkers of the importance of nature at the heart of their urban city.

Is a baby going to arrive soon in your family? Are you going to celebrate a baptism? Is Christmas coming soon? New Year’s Eve? If you are going to celebrate these events far from your family, it would be a very food idea to send them a flower composition. Same thing if a friend has his/her birthday soon or if a colleague is retiring soon. This present will add a personal touch to the event. Our flower delivery service in New York City offers you the opportunity to show your affection, the fastest possible.

In order to show your loved ones that you love them, you have to thank them. For that, you can send flowers for national events, familiar events or corporate events. It can be for the retirement of a colleague, for end of year-events, for Mother’s Day, for a wedding or for Valentine’s Day. All these events are occasions to thank them.